RG Pharmaceutica Chairman Message

RG Pharmaceutica Chairman In year 1999 following my retirement from a multinational company, my two old and trustworthy colleagues, Tariq Haider and Mian Khalid Mahmood inspired me to lay the foundation of new organization "RG Pharmaceutica"in year 2000. We pledged together that our employees and customers must perceive RG Pharmaceutica as the only company where there is no tension between making profits and adhering to traditional principles of fair play.

Before its commencement, we drafted an operating principle called "our Ethos" and after becoming operational RG Pharmaceutica has been articulating all its business decisions from this document.

Our first and most important decision was to carefully choose the people, who could share our values in letter and spirits, because we believed that the surest path to success is one when each and every employee starts walking with us from the core of their hearts.

I must acknowledge that I am privileged to be surrounded by people who hold similar or greater values to mine and who have capacities greater than my own to take the company image sky high.

Our first and foremost priority is to infuse confidence in our employees that their management truly cares about them. To convince our employees that they are our most valuable assets, we have taken their families in our loop. This is the reason; we have made the workplace of RG Pharmaceutica an extension of the family. This has become our biggest competitive differentiator. As long as, I am chairman of RG Pharmaceutica and Tariq Haider is CEO, every effort will be expended to run the company as if it is a fully committed family.

Our business philosophy is to compete in niche markets in order to become a big fish in a small pond. This is clearly mentioned in "Our Ethos". It gives me tremendous pleasure to say that in all the three segments we are competing, RG brands are enjoying leadership position. More importantly the gap between our brands and the second leading products is widening with every passing day.

Last but not the least, 2010 IMS audit reveals that RG is enjoying 46th ranking out of 650 pharmaceutical companies and by 2012, our objective is to occupy 44th position. This means that we have to dislodge one competitor every year that is ahead of us.

We can do this because we believe: setting an extremely challenging target and missing it by a narrow margin is better than setting an easy target and achieving it.