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Help |   Site Map   |   About us   |   Contact us   |   Distributors RG Pharmaceutica Pvt. (Ltd.) has started its operation in 1999. Within the first year after incorporation RG Pharmaceutica gained its firm position in the domestic market. After a journey of ten years its annual sales have been reached to rupees >600 millions. RG Pharmaceutica is a fast growing organization dedicated to provide exemplary patient’s care. RG Pharmaceutica has two divisions; RenalCare & GyneCare. RenalCare is recognized in Pharma industry by the successful launch of Epokine. During the first year of its life cycle, Epokine® became leading brand by dislodging multinational’s brand of EPO, which was enjoying >90% market share – an extremely rare example in pharma industry. RenalCare became victim of its own success when ‘Multinational’ reduced their EPO price by 50%. It was DO or DIE situation for this division. My admiration for RenalCare is not only that they defended their leadership but to how they got there –the enormous odds they overcame, the dignity and courage they displayed in the process. RG is the first and the only company to introduce Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneum Dialysis (CAPD). This modality is meant for those who stop responding to machine dialysis.
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